Game Summary as Reported by Melissa O'Hara

ResultW 14-0
First Half
6-0; Goalie: Abby Sheehan; First goal scored by Bella Hess assisted by Taylor LaMarche, second goal scored by Emily Baumes assisted by Maddie Fountain, third goal scored by Emily Baumes off a goalie deflection, fourth goal scored by Ella McDonald assisted by Akshi Patil, fifth goal scored by Maddie Fountain from a great long ball played by Eve Garrett and the sixth goal scored by Julia Hendricks during a scrum in the box.
Second Half
8-0; Goalie: Abby Graves; First goal of the half scored by Bella Hess assisted by Emily Silva, second goal scored by Maria Hart unassisted, third goal scored by Emily Silva assisted by Ashley O'Hara, fourth goal was a header goal scored by Emily Baumes, fifth goal scored by Meghan Guarracino unassisted, sixth goal scored by Taylor LaMarche unassisted, seventh goal scored off a direct kick by Emily Baumes and the eighth goal scored by Akshi Patil. Outstanding team play by all!