Game Summary as Reported by Melissa O'Hara

ResultW 13-0
First Half
12-0; Goalie: Abby S; First goal scored by Emily B w/ an assist from Meghan G. Second goal scored by Courtney M with an assist by Lauren D. Lauren scores next. Courtney's turn again. The next 3 goals are all unassisted from Maddie F and 2 more from Courtney. 8th grader Natalee E makes her scoring debut with an outstanding header goal. Akshi P gets the next goal from another assist from Emily S. Emery V scores next! Julia H scores & immediately follows up with an assist to Akshi.
Second Half
1-0; Goalie Abby G; The coaches decide to play a 20 minute half and the Shen girls are working on moving the ball around the field. To end the game Akshi scores the final goal with an assist from Maria H. Sorry...I had great commentary written for both halves...but I guess I have a character limit : (